Watch Repair and Servicing

John Laughter Jewelry is Western North Carolina's center for watch servicing.

Simple Services:

  • Band Adjustments
  • New Pins in metal Straps
  • New Straps ($25-$600)

Moderate Services:

  • John Laughter Jewelry Battery Service® 
    1. Replace Existing Seals
    2. Clean Contacts and Terminals
    3. Re-Silicone Access Points
    4. Pressure Testing (For Dive Watches)
  • New Rivets to repair un-replacable straps
  • Solar watch recharging

Advanced Services

  • Quartz powered watch movement replacement
  • New Crystals installed
  • New Crown/Stem/Winding part installed
  • Mechanical watch schedule maintenance
  • Mechanical watch repair
  • Self Winding watch repair
  • Band / Case polishing
  • Diamonds replaced


    On your finer watches like Rolex, Patek Philipe, Cartier, Vacheron Constantin, Omega, IWC, Baume & Mercier we can do our overnight spa service which cleans, polishes and does minor servicing for your special time piece. Our watchmaker is an authorized service center for each of the following companies for yearly services,routine maintenance and damage repair:





    We can also perform the yearly services, routine maintenance and damage repair for the following watch designers.





    We look forward to helping you with our repairs. If you have any questions on repairs, follow the store location information below to contact us with any information you would like. We are here to help restore the life to your most treasured possessions.Full Battery Service: Replace battery, Replace Existing Seals, Clean Terminals, Re-Silicone access points.