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Jewelry Evaluation in Asheville & Waynesville

At John Laughter Jewelry, we're proud to sell some of the finest jewelry in the state and purchase gold and jewelry at competitive prices. As Western North Carolina's largest estate buyer, we have a wealth of experience in appraising jewelry and gold of all types, and we strive to bring warmth and friendliness to our customer service. No matter how large, small, or diverse the estate or jewelry you're considering, we'll be your partners in finding out its specifications and value - and we're happy to say that our jewelry evaluations are completely free of charge.

Find Out Your Jewelry's Value

watch, ring & necklaceWe feel blessed to be a part of the Asheville and Waynesville community, and we feel that finding the true value of your jewelry is a service we should provide to our community as a way of saying thanks - so our initial evaluations are completely free. It's our mission to be the resource in Western North Carolina that not only buys "scrap gold," but also your jewelry, diamonds, coins, and all the fine things that your jeweler once sold to you or your loved one. 

If you've received an inheritance of jewelry from a family member, you may have no idea what's in it and how much it's worth - and we're here to help. Our complimentary Everyday Estate Evaluation® is entirely free of charge, and it will help you determine what pieces you have, how much they're worth, and what your options are for those pieces - whether with us or not.

We know that most often, there are no receipts or paperwork to help you determine the type or price of the jewelry you inherit, but with more than 40 years of buying and appraising experience and 20 years of experience holding an auction house, we've helped thousands of people just like you determine the true value of their jewelry. Together, we'll help you evaluate whether your jewelry is new or old, mass produced or one of a kind, and what's often the most important question: is it worth something? 

Contact Our Waynesville or Asheville Store For an Evaluation

If you'd like to find out the type and value of your jewelry free of charge and with no other commitments, we'd love to help. Feel free to call us at 828-456-4772, reach out to us at our contact page, or learn more about our Everyday Estate Evaluation. We can't wait to hear from you, and we look forward to helping you evaluate your jewelry.