Dream List



At John Laughter Jewelry we excellent secret keepers. Some secretes are better out than kept to yourself. "What I want for my next birthday or anniversary is..."! This is something important for your significant other to know.

We have created a special process called the DreamList® which gets you, the gift buyer, and us on the same page. We don't mind if you get a new refrigerator for your 25th wedding anniversary but we're pretty sure your wouldn't mind getting those 2 carat diamond earrings either. Your DreamList is like a wedding registry without the whole wedding or thank you notes deal.

We created the DreamList to take all the hard work about communicating your deepest jewelry desires to that special someone in your life. Each time you visit and see a beautiful piece of jewelry that would be terrific to own, we update your DreamList. No matter what the price or when the occasion, we will keep your record instead of your secret. From $25 to $3,000,000 we will add the items you desire on your DreamList.

Its quick, easy, and the most fun you will ever have in a jewelry store. Grant Laughter has a saying "My mother always told me, you will never get it if you don't ask for it"!We want to update your DreamList, so make sure you come down and get your list going!


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