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Creativity matters in todays modern jewelry shopper. In a world where you can customize everything why is it so difficult to get exactly what you are looking for. At John Laughter Jewelry we have removed that hurdle for you. We have multiple designers skilled in the latest jewelry making technology to help you get the perfect piece, matching your perfect unique personality.

We have been around the block a few times since we opened in 1973. We have the old school know how to carve a ring in wax, the technology and brainiacs to do a 3D CAD design of your ring. Its our job to get you exactly what you want, so let us help you bring your ideas into the real world.

Our design experts listen carefully to your ideas, then match your vision with work from the finest artists, goldsmiths, setters, and engravers to create the perfect piece of jewelry from your dreams and wishes. We help you select from a variety of factors, including the shape and size of your diamond or gemstone, mounting selections, metals, and finishes.

Diamond & Gem Shapes:

  • Round
  • Hearts & Arrows
  • Princess
  • Radiant
  • Cushion
  • Marquee
  • Pear
  • Emerald
  • Kite
  • Fantasy
diamond & gem shape guide

Mountings are chosen based on individual preferences, lifestyle, and comfort factors.

  • Modern, Classic, Art Neavou, Art Deco
  • High, medium, low setting
  • Narrow, medium, and wide widths
  • Solitaire or multiple diamonds or gems
  • Contemporary, Designer, Filigree

Metals are chosen based on a combination of malleability and strength. The metal you choose is critical because most metals are either not strong enough or too brittle. Platinum and 18 Karat are metals of choice to hold your diamond and gemstones.

  • Platinum
  • Palladium
  • White Gold
  • Yellow Gold
  • Rose Gold

Custom Design:
At John Laughter Jewelry, we love to create custom designed jewelry for one-of-a-kind necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings. Bring us a picture or a drawing on a napkin or just an idea in your head and we will custom design the magic piece you desire.

Remember that custom designs are only as good as the skill of the individual goldsmith.

Here’s the process:

  • Select the stones of your choice, or bring in stones that you provide. We’ll be delighted to work with your grandmother’s diamonds!
  • Work with our designers to select a design.
  • We will assign your work to artists who will carve the design template to your specifications.
  • Our goldsmith, using the metal of your choice, will create the ring template.
  • Our stone setters will set your diamond into the jewelry setting, making sure the prongs are custom-fit to hold the stone securely.

Mounting Options
John Laughter Jewelry goals are to make your loved one very happy and show off your selected diamond to its’ absolute best. We make it easy to design a ring that you both will love. Our master setters will make sure the setting is fit perfectly to your diamond.

Consider how the ring looks on her hand. Many people often don’t realize that the mounting or setting of the diamond is a highly-personalized fashion statement for a woman. It’s important that her personality dictate how the diamond is set.

Does she want a modern look? An antique setting? Or something traditional? Her preferences will be as individual as she is. And her lifestyle is important, too: does her lifestyle make it easy to lose, or to hook things?

We can help you select a mounting that is perfect for her. Each setting is designed for comfort based on the width, height, weight, and balance compared to the shape of her hand…things not available at chain retailers.

Marry the diamond to the perfect mounting. A good mounting is crucial to showing off a diamond to absolute finest. Even the most beautiful diamond can be lost in a bad setting. Stores that mass produce settings don’t care what the diamond wants to be. At John Laughter Jewelry, our master jewelers work with each individual diamond to bring out all its beauty.

Our designers are ready to help you start making the perfect piece. Contact a designer below to start your custom piece!


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