John Laughter Jewelry is a different type of diamond store, one unlike any store you have ever been to.We hand select every diamond, ensuring the diamond you are searching for is the absolute best quality and price. When we set out to find diamonds, we will go through parcels of thousands of diamonds to find the perfect single diamond at an amazing price. We don’t have 3 dozen stores to find “the best 3 dozen diamonds” and we don’t have a million online shoppers to find “the best million diamonds”, we have you, and that is what makes our diamonds so unique. We literally select the finest diamonds, which you will find in our case with the price clearly marked. Our diamond selection process is incredibly unique, just like the diamond you want.

Not only is our diamond selection process unique, so are our people. John Laughter Jewelry has certified gemologists, expert opinions, designers and goldsmiths ready to help you, if you want it. Every single person in our store is here to help you select the perfect diamond for that special occasion. We don’t want to sell you a diamond, we want to help you select the most amazing physical representation of your love. That’s what this whole diamond idea is about, and that is why our motto is “Celebrating life’s cherished moments with fine jewelry.”


We can help you understand why you would want a 60% table, or see what the difference between G and I color. Our job is to help you uncover the most important parts about a diamond and which parts are the best reflections of the love that you have. We don’t sell pieces of paper at John Laughter Jewelry and we won’t try and “razzle-dazzle” you with our fancy diamond certificates or gemological reports. We have been around for 40 years and we know that you aren’t going to get down on one knee, look up, lock eyes and slide a diamond certificate on her finger. Paper reports are not a part of our diamond selection because we understand that what you want is a fine diamond, at a reasonable price, that will make you a hero.


John Laughter Jewelry wants to help you select the perfect diamond, a representation of your love. Whether you are a certified gemologist, or have never been in a jewelry store before, we are ready to answer your questions and remove the fear behind “Which one do I get?”.  We want to help you through this process.

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