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If you’re looking for that one piece of jewelry that gives you confidence while at the same time demonstrates your success, visit the Asheville or Waynesville locations of John Laughter Jewelry and select from our outstanding selection of Certified Pre-Owned Rolex Watches. We have just the high quality men’s and women’s watches you are looking for at our unbeatable prices.

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Rolex - Making Watches Fashionable AND Functional

The Rolex brand is known world-wide for its precision craftsmanship, artistry and elegance. That’s exactly what Hans Wilsdorf had in mind when he opened his own watch making business in Germany in 1905 at the young age of 24. Considered a savvy businessman, and a visionary, Wilsdorf worked diligently to create the finest, highest quality timepieces, registering the Rolex trademark in 1908. He transformed what was, at the time, a mere piece of women’s jewelry into an accurate and attractive wristwatch coveted by women and men.

Rolex Watches Are Known For Precision

The key to the initial success of the Rolex was the quality of the movements inside the watch and Rolex succeeded by reaching chronometric precision (accurately measuring time) using watch engineers from Sweden. Others have tried to copy, but none can compare with the long-lasting accuracy of a Rolex watch. Whether you’re looking for a self-winding watch, which Rolex invented in 1931, or the the simplicity of the 4130 chronograph calibre movement, which was invented in 2000, you can’t beat the quality of a Rolex.

Rolex Watches Are Durable

From the deepest sea, to the highest skies. From the fastest cars to the roughest mountain. No matter where Rolex has been challenged, it has passed all tests of durability and strength. In 1926, Rolex introduced the first waterproof and dustproof wristwatch called the “Oyster” and it has continued to evolve and improve throughout the years. Always striving for the highest quality, Rolex was the first watchmaker to use 904L grade of steel which is more resistant to cracking and corrosion.

Rolex Watches Are Stylish

From the original, simple leather straps of the first Rolex watches, to the gold, silver, and precious stone options that are available on the watches today, you will find a style that fits your personality. Deep sea divers, yacht operators, and world travelers all have their own Rolex design, made with the unique elements and needs of their professions in mind. Rolex was the first watchmaker to offer the month and date displays and continue to perfect that feature today.

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If you are looking for a beautiful and functional addition to your wrist that will last a lifetime at a fraction of the cost you might spend on a Rolex somewhere else, visit John Laughter Jewelry. We’re have two convenient locations in Asheville and Waynesville. We look forward to helping you possess a treasure some can only dream of - a Rolex watch. All watches are authentic, in excellent condition, and come with the our standard one year warranty.