Fancy Yellow Diamond Double Halo Ring

Capture the warmth of the sun with this one of a kind designer canary yellow diamond ring. With 1.40 carats of diamonds this ring is a unique example of what YAEL designs can create. The center Vivid Fancy Intense yellow cushion cut diamonds sends out rays of bright yellow'ish orange to fill your eyes and heart with joy. Surrounded by a 18 Karat yellow gold halo with ideal cut diamonds are surrounded by another halo of 18 Karat white gold providing a beautiful transition. Each of the three bands rise from the sides with dozens of ideal cut diamonds towards the center crescendo of sunshine and joy giving a stacking ring effect.

This one of a kind ring will show the world your beauty, and remind each person who gazes into the center of your own personal sun just how bright the world really is. Be bold and let your sun shine!

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